Ever since DJ Brian Williams could remember, he has had a deep passion for music. Having been influenced by many different genres of music during the very early years of his life, in his early twenty’s he was introduced to house music, and instantly felt a deep connection with what he was hearing. But simply dancing to house music didn’t seem like enough, and it wasn’t long before he realized that the only scene for him was at the helm of a room filled with people, dancing to his energetic beats. His stompy beats soon packed the house, and today it has been
over 20 years since he set off on his musical journey.
DJ Brian Williams has played at a variety of venues from The East Coast, to the West. Playing at The Miami Winter Music Conference in 2008 helped put one of his tracks (Under Boom Rock Saints, on the Mizumo Records label), in the top 10. He has been a part of Opulent Temple (San Francisco) for the last 8 years. Among the San Francisco venues he has played are Love Fest (four years in a row), 1015 Folsom, Public Works, and the Endup. At Burning Man and EDC, he has been an integral part of the crews known for bringing some of the greatest entertainment and fire effects to the playa, working with—and of course mixing for—Opulent Temple and White Ocean. Working with Pure209, he has played a large part of bring house music to the Central Valley. DJ Brian Williams has had his name on the bill with names such as DJ Dan, Carl Cox, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Christian Martin, Stanton Warriors, Donald Glaude, and Charles Feelgood, just to name a few. His remixes can be found on BeatPort under his name and Boom Rock Saints. In the often political and competitive industry, DJ Brian Williams brings a most-welcome positive and humble attitude to every aspect with which he is involved. And when it comes to the music itself: “Finding and producing music is not just about looking up what the top 100 downloads are, but finding tracks which will reach the depth of people’s souls” DJ Brian William’s unique ability to incorporate modern music trends with his classic house upbringing, staying true to his style while finding new ear-catching sounds, is what keeps the venue packed at each venue he plays. In this ever-crazy world, music is DJ Brian William’s cure and the only time he truly feels alive!