Phantasm is back to provide the quintessential San Francisco Halloween party experience!  Our debut year we sold out, and this year we’ve only made improvements in every facet of the show. It really doesn’t get much more Halloween than a Saturday night in SF in a haunted castle in the heart of the city. This year featuring a top notch eclectic line up of special guests in the super funk duo that is Chromeo, + breaks & electro legends The Crystal Method, & the unique performance spectacle of Vau de Vire Society, the best cross section of locals from your favorite Burning Man and city crews, Big Art, an immersive midway, a kinky laced VIP area on the Upper Floor, and much, much more….

What is Behind the Funhouse Door? Will it entice you, scare the shit out of you, freak with you, or caress you? Come find out. ; )

Saturday, October 29th : Halloween at the San Francisco Armory

Opel & Vau de Vire present : Phantasm 2016 – Behind the Fun House Door



Music & Performance from:


(The Mothership, Canada)



:: SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple)

:: Kimba (Opel Productions / Poison Promise)

:: Matt Kramer (DISTRIKT)

:: Javier Fabian ( Q-Underground, Robot Ears)

:: Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)

:: Non Sequitur (Ruby Skye, Madmen SF)

:: Sychosis (Punks)
Website and Bio

:: Leyl Master Black (dEOxidized)

::DJ Hil

:: Andy P (Ruby Skye / EPIC)

::Alvaro Bravo (Dusty Rhino)

& Much more TBA
Pre: sales :
GA & Main Floor VIP

Upper Floor VIP:

Get them at their cheapest. they will go up in price! talent on the Upper Floor announcement coming soon

You and all your friends will help stir the spirits in the Drill Court and a higher level of debaucherous options on the Upper Floor, for those wanting the VIP level of kink laced Halloween faire with talent

It’s from the production minds behind such stellar and forward thinking fun offering such as New Bohemia NYE, Opulent Temple, Edwardian Ball, Masquerotica, Hell in the Armory, Night of the Living Bass, the Soiled Dove & so much more.

Step into a midway of careening colors and karni oddities, surrounded by big beats and dangerous performers where you’re not quite sure where the audience ends and the show begins. The haunted halls of the Armory will come alive on Halloween as we co-write the next chapter in epic spooky avant garde gatherings.

Plenty of bars, private seating options, expanded bathrooms (no lines, we promise), large smoking area (no lines, we promise), food trucks outside, and coat check area.

The Armory

Corner of Mission st and 14th in the heart of SF
Enter on 14th st side for All Ticket Types
21+ only – must have ID

contact us with questions or to volunteer:


The History

(A True Story)

The site of the SF Armory was once taken up by Wayward Gardens, a combination amusement park, museum, art gallery, zoo, and aquarium operating from 1866 to 1891.

In 1878 a visiting side show called the Karnival of Mischief visited the Gardens. The owner of the Gardens – Bobby B. Wayward, had 5 children, who would frequent the attractions there. On a foggy night of October 31st, 1878, Ophelia – one of his daughter’s, went missing while attending the Karnival of Mischief. A community wide search came up with nothing. A number of ‘karni’s’ as they were called, were questioned, some roughly. Though foul play was suspected, no one ever knew what happened to her. She was last seen carrying a bouquet of balloons, but never seen again.

Heart broken and dealing with his wife mad from grief and calling the site cursed, the family eventually moved to Napa with their remaining 4 children, the gardens were eventually closed in 1890 when the new owners let it fall into disrepair as more and more staff didn’t want to work there for the strange happenings that would occur there.

After it’s closing, the Armory was built over the same site in 1914. The Army corps of engineers who over saw it’s building and maintenance reported strange voices and sightings on especially foggy nights, and the grounds were considered haunted by the more suspicious and believing men who spent the most time there. Was it an apparitional experience, hallucination, a ghost? It became known in the parlance of those who’d seen her as a phantasm.

Re-opened in 2006 by after being empty for 30 years, contractors, film production staff and late night security all have stories to tell of hearing the faint disembodied cries of Ophelia in the dark hallways of the Armory, going so far as naming one of the upstairs rooms in her honor. Many have had their hearts stopped briefly by turning a dark corner of the Armory at night, to see the phantasm there of the girl with the balloons. It’s a common refrain, spoken with mirth and dread – have you seen Ophelia? What will happen they wonder, when the Karnival of Mischief returns to the Armory on Halloween? We dare you to find out.