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Phantasm SF is aimed to give you a range of only in SF Halloween infused party experiences.  Our main area in the ‘Drill Court’ is packed full of world-class music, decor, lighting and art — but that’s only the tip of the complete Phantasm Experience. We invite you to experience Phantasm SF in its full capacity. With three avenues to indulge in a VIP experience, there’s something for everyone, from exploring the Upper Floor, to lounging on semi-private cabana couches adjacent to the main stages, to indulging in the ultimate experience with your own private set for your exclusive use all night long for you and your friends. We know you’ll love it. 

Read below for details on each of our three options to customize your Phantasm VIP Experience.

VIP Admission to the ‘General’s Quarters’ on the 4th Floor

Our principle VIP admission grants you access to The Armory’s iconic Upper Floor (now known as the General’s Quarters). Only a lucky few have had the pleasure to experience this unique space in San Francisco, and now is the perfect opportunity for you to join them. Victorian-era decor, furniture and erotic art drapes the walls in dark hues of reds, setting the stage for the ultimate Halloween with live bondage, exclusive DJs, free coat check, light hors d’oeuvres, private bathrooms, and roving ambient performances. THIS is the way to celebrate Halloween in VIP luxury with more than a dash of kink. 

Exclusive access to the 4th Floor VIP Lounge of The Armory (and rest of party of course!)
Catered hors d’oeuvres, fruits, and sweets
Free coat check upstairs
VIP-only bathrooms
Upper Floor exclusive DJ performances
Ambient performances, eye candy and shenanigans
VIP live bondage demos
Access to main-stage Cabanas.
Separate VIP Entrance to the event
Separate VIP only smoking area

Cast and Characters in the Upper Floor General’s Quarters VIP

Hosted by TS film star Yasmin Lee

The Hangover 2, Red Ice,’s TS Seduction

Cabana Row – Main Stage Only

For a little touch of a VIP experience without the big ticket price is the Main Stage Only Cabana Row!! Two raised platforms will be a space for lounging and sipping on cocktails, all while enjoying a direct sight line to the main stage. Grants you access to couches, tables, additional seating and bottle service at your request. Taking the time off your feet to enjoy a conversation — the view of the event will be a haven for those on the Cabana Row.

Elevated platform Cabana Access to main stage
Private seating, couches, tables & lighting (tables are not reserved)
Bottle service on request – this includes RESERVED seating (please contact us for details)
Please note: Cabana Row tickets do NOT include access to the VIP Upper Floor
Separate VIP Entrance to the event

The Premiere VIP Experience

The Premier VIP XXXperience – Private Film Set Rental

Our most extravagant VIP experience for Phantasm 2017 is the ‘Premiere VIP XXXperience,’ from a private room to bottle service and kinky props it’s our most sought over and exclusive VIP package. You and your select group of friends have the luxury of choosing one of the infamous film sets on the Upper Floor for your exclusive use all night long! Every set, ranging in size from fitting 10 people comfortably all the way up to 25, comes prepped with iconic kink props and decorations which you have the option to customize, from choosing the props to being able to bring in your own small sound (like a bluetooth speaker), there’s many possibilities to make this the perfect night you won’t soon forget.

Every ‘Premiere VIP XXXperience’ set will come stocked with liquor and mixers and of your choosing, plenty of water and some light hors d’oeuvres are also quintessential to the ‘Premiere VIP XXXperience’. Your private set will be monitored your own security guard and a Premiere VIP Hostess all night to assure the safety of your belongings and that your group can access any additional needs at any time, including additional bottle service. To expedite your entry your group will have priority Front of the Line access at the VIP entrance to ensure your quick and easy entry.  All of our ‘Premiere VIP XXXperience’ patrons will have access to the not to be missed  VIP area on the 4th Floor. The ‘Premiere VIP XXXperience’ is quite simply the most extravagant and kinky way to celebrate Halloween in San Francisco this year.

Email us for more information and pricing!

The Premiere VIP XXXperience, the Ultimate Surrender to a Halloween of unbridled fun, includes:

  • Your own private iconic film set, chosen by you, and only accessible by your chosen group
  • Based on the set chosen you will also receive an allotted amount of tickets to Phantasm SF, running from 10-­20 tickets per set
  • Special VIP Entrance with Front-of-the-Line Pass
  • Access to ALL areas of Phantasm SF, including VIP on the Upper Floor and the Main Stage Cabanas.
  • 1-3 bottles of top-shelf liquor of your choosing (depending on room size)
  • Light hors d’oeuvres
  • Plenty of water and mixers of your choosing
  • Each set comes dressed with extra furniture, seating, tables, couches, etc., to keep things comfortable
  • The option to bring your own small wattage speaker to play your own Halloween soundtrack on
  • All-night private security for your private set to ensure safety of your belongings when you’re off traveling through the worlds of Phantasm
  • All night Premiere VIP Hostess to provide you with additional bottle service, answer any questions and ensure your priority access to the Upper Floor Bar via your Hostess.