OCTOBER 29th 2016


It doesn’t get much more Halloween than a Saturday night in San Francisco in a haunted castle in the heart of the city. Enter Phantasm, one of the Bay Area’s most epic Halloween gatherings in year 2!  Featuring a top notch eclectic line up of special guests in the super funk duo that is Chromeo, + breaks & electro legends The Crystal Method, & the unique performance spectacle of Vau de Vire Society, the best cross section of locals from your favorite Burning Man and city crews, Big Art, an immersive midway, a kinky laced VIP area on the Upper Floor, and much, much more… . What is Behind the Funhouse Door?  Will it entice you, scare the shit out of you, freak with you, or caress you?  Come find out.

From the production minds behind such stellar and forward thinking fun offering such as New Bohemia NYE, Opulent Temple, Edwardian Ball, Masquerotica, Hell in the Armory, Night of the Living Bass, the Soiled Dove, Bohemian Carnival, and so much more.

Step into a midway of careening colors and karni oddities, surrounded by big beats and dangerous performers where you’re not quite sure where the audience ends and the show begins. The haunted halls of the Armory will come alive on Halloween as we co-write the next chapter in epic spooky avant garde gatherings.

Video snapshot from Phantasm 2015