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Friends and Phantastic Supporters!

What is happening with Phantasm at the Armory this year? Well glad you asked! You may have heard the Armory was sold to cultureless developers. (Boooo). So the epic venue of one of the most raved about, diverse, eclectic, premiere Halloween parties in SF’s illustrious history is no more (at least for now). The Armory Drill Court remains empty and dark to events which is a sad SF state of affairs and we think it sucks for the culture of the city.

BUT- the venue may be no more, but that doesn’t mean we’re just gonna stay home on SF’s favorite holiday um – Hell No! We’re going to throw another big fantastic epic spectacle of an only-in-SF Halloween party.

Enter: DUSK TO DAWN @ The Midway SF

Opel Productions, The Midway & Vau de Vire present Dusk to Dawn.

A new venture brought to you by the producers of Phantasm. We’re excited to partner with the Midway on this new joint in their awesome space to work our magic. Expect more of what you love about our unique offering in terms of music, performance, art, spectacle and a dash of kink.

Check out the event page for the full scoop and RSVP so you get notified as we add more and more to make this show pop.


Get Tix at their lowest while they last;