Ticket surcharges begin with credit card processing fees. These are added to ticket purchases in proportion to the price of the ticket, go directly to credit card companies, and are unavoidable. To cover costs, pay their employees, and turn a bit of a profit, the ticketing company then adds their own surcharge as well—again, standard operating procedure. We’re intentionally working with SF-based Electrostub in part because they’re fundamentally opposed to unnecessary surcharges (as opposed to the likes of Ticketmaster, infamous for adding up to 25% in surcharges!)

Nowhere. To avoid various complications and potential dastardly deeds, tickets are only available online through Electrostub.

No, but it’ll help expedite things if you do. Alternatively, bring up your ticket order on your phone when you’re in line waiting and have it ready when you check in.

No, but it’ll help expedite things if you do. Alternatively, bring up your ticket order on your phone when you’re in line waiting and have it ready when you check in.

All of our VIP options are sold out with the exception of our Private Room Rentals.  You can find more info on those HERE, and purchase online HERE.

21 and over, no exceptions. BRING YOUR ID (and make sure your friends do, too).

Here’s a map. The Armory is centrally located at the corner of Mission and 14th St in San Francisco, just down the dirty boulevard from the 16th St BART station (BART runs all night on NYE, by the by); readily accessible from highways 101 and 80, and a number of Muni bus lines (14, 14L, 49 & 33); and supremely accessible by bike and taxi (there’s secure bike parking on the 14th St. side of the venue).

Please see our posted info HERE re: parking, transportation, and a special promo code available to you through Uber!”

It’s Halloween on a Saturday night in San Francisco.  If you can’t rally for some semblance of a Halloween costume we’d encourage a little more effort.  That said, it’s not like we won’t let you in, but, come on now!

We’ve been told costume weapons that could actually hurt someone won’t be allowed by security.  (Like a hard plastic sword), so plan accordingly.   Sorry, but Nalgene-style water bottles and CamelBak-style hydration packs are not allowed by the venue.  There are water fountains at the event for free water. As usual, you won’t be allowed to bring in your own beverages, food, recording devices, drugs or weapons of any kind. All bags, purses, backpacks, etc., will be thoroughly checked at the door.

SLR cameras are NOT allowed without a press pass, which you can inquire about here. Even with a press pass, you cannot take anyone’s picture without their expressed consent.  Anyone seen taking pictures without consent of the attendees risks immediate removal from the event and confiscation of your memory card.

Doors open at 9pm, and the action starts then as well. Check in or buy tickets (if available) at the main entrance:  333 14th St.  If you haven’t bought tickets in advance and we’re not sold out, you’ll get through the box office quicker at the front end of the night. So the earlier, the better.

Nope — so don’t forget your ID: a valid driver’s license, ID, or passport. And if you’re with friends, pass the word onto them before you head over to avoid getting your night interrupted.

Following our previous events and others at the Armory space throughout the year, we have worked with staff to greatly streamline and improve the entry process. This year the main entry point will be on 14th Street, where there will be 2 double doors instead of only one. We’ve closed off Julian St to vehicle traffic (directly on the backside of the Armory), creating 6 well-staffed lanes for simultaneous Will Call check-in. VIP ticket holders will use a separate entrance on 14th St to help expedite their entry as one of the many perks of our VIP experience.  IF it rains, no worries: Lines will be covered. Our goal is to get you inside as fast as possible so you can enjoy an evening with friends at PHANTASM.

Hey Friends!  As warned, and warned again, we really have SOLD OUT.

Yes, but only if you come right when doors open at 9:00pm (we’ll let
the first 100 or so people at the door and pay cash to get in.  -OR-
Hit us on the back end of the night (after 1:00am) after people have
left and you’ll have no problem getting in.  We go strong until

Click here to access a printable PDF of the venue layout.

We know it’s nice to have a designated place for you and friends to park and enjoy a cocktail together before launching in full force throughout the many options inside PHANTASM, and now there are some options to do so. There are very limited options for bottle service but if that’s your wish, there are three to choose from.

  • The first is to actually reserve your own private room via the VIP XXXperience private Kink.com set rentals available in the basement. For more info on this new, intriguing option please email Kimba@PhantasmSF.com
  • SOLD OUT – The second option is in Cabana Row, the raised stage viewing areas adjacent to each main stage in the Drill Court (the main hangar-sized room). There are 10 stations total for bottle service reservations.
  • SOLD OUT – The third option for bottle service is a champagne-only service available for VIP ticketholders on the Upper Floor. You can arrange this service with the Bar upstairs at the event.

For bottle-service reservations and related VIP inquiries, contact Kimba@PhantasmSF.com

If you reserve a table via purchasing bottle service the table is yours while you’re there, and while your bottle is still in use. Once you finish your bottle we will reserve the table for a max of 30 minutes, after that time it will open for public use. Of course, if you and your friends are planted there no one will ask you to leave with one caveat. If your bottle is done and you’ve been there over 30 minutes and someone else wants to purchase bottle service, and there’s no other open tables, only in this scenario would you be asked to clear that spot. That said, if you purchase a 2-bottle minimum, we will hold the table for you all night.


Frankly, parking’s gonna suck. There’s some paid parking in the neighborhood on a first-come, first-served basis (including one lot directly across the street on the 14th St side of The Armory). Aside from that, street parking in the surrounding neighborhood is a possibility. But your best bet for all kinds of reasons: Take a cab, Lyft, Uber, limo, blimp, hot air balloon, helicopter, or any other mode of transportation that doesn’t require parking a car. Like every Halloween, parking’ll be a proper clusterf*ck around any Halloween destination in San Francisco, guaranteed.

Yes, there’s a  ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible entrance at 333 14th St.  (Main entrance is 1800 Mission St.)

Surely you jest! In keeping with Halloween universal truths, we’ll have bars awaiting you all over the place in the main area (the Drill Court) and in the Upper FLoor VIP area.

Cash is preferred, as it keep the bars and vendors flowing nicely. Some of our stations will take credit cards, but all will take cash. We’ll have plenty of ATMs onsite to dole out whatever Jeffersons you’ll require.

While we’re all for freedom of choice, we’re not able to do facilitate ins and outs for safety reasons. In lieu, we’ve set up the PHANTASM environment to cover the essentials: There are ample bars and several food vendors throughout the venue, as well as an outdoor smoking area and a coat check.

Very favorable — plenty, all over the venue.

Only with personal handhelds. SLR cameras are NOT allowed without a press pass, which you can inquire about here. In both cases, you cannot take anyone’s picture without their expressed consent. Anyone seen taking pictures without consent of the attendees/subjects risks immediate removal from the event and confiscation of your memory card.

Yes indeed. Bring some $1s, and feel free to tip.

There is. While ours is definitely and primarily a dance-centric event, there will be multiple areas throughout the venue where you can rest your bum in designated chill spaces, open art cars,  and lounge areas. If lots of seating options are important to you, you’ll want to check out the VIP options.

Yes, along the 14th St side of The Armory.

Nay, verily. While things will get spicy, we’re selling alcohol at the event, so we have to adhere to all legal requirements of the city and state — neither of which are keen on nudity or sexual acts in the presence of booze (gotta go to Portland for that kind of freedom). This applies throughout the venue, including the Kinky Upper Floor VIP area on the 4th floor. By all means, get riled with us…just take care of closing the deal at your afterparties. Aaaaw yeaaaahhh.

Yes. Waste management and reduction are pivotal concerns of ours, and we recycle and compost all that we can.

If you find a phone, keys, purse, etc., that looks lost, please drop it off at coat check. If you lost something, check the lost and found at coat check.

We’ll be posting media here as it comes in, and some via our Facebook Page.

Sign up for our mailing list (the form’s in the sidebar on most of the pages of this site).

We’ll have a lost and found form on this site under the ‘Connect’ link following the event. Submit that form and we’ll do everything we can to solve your mystery.

You’ll actually just want to request a refund then re-purchase the VIP level you want, we have no way of upgrading tix already bought. Check your confirmation e mail you received for a link to request a refund.